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What I do

I am an adventure writer, photographer and content creator based in London and Hampshire. I can often be found travelling, looking for unique stories that will entice my readers to spread their wings and explore new destinations. Frequently writing on assignment, I produce content for websites, newspapers and magazines; shooting accompanying photos. Formerly from California, I was born in Canada and am a British citizen of English and Welsh extraction. As an erstwhile concert singer with a B.A. Hons in Music Education, I do still spend a bit of time involved in music and the arts.

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“As an editor, you always take a risk when working with writers for the first time (it’s in part why we take the easy road and re-use the same people). Despite glowing credentials, I have often been left disappointed. So you can imagine my delight when editing Lynn’s first article for Travel Africa.  On scanning the opening few lines and paragraphs, I found myself reading right through and wanting more.  Lynn’s turn of phrase is delightful; knitting experiences together perfectly; describing each encounter vividly and effortlessly, and not overwritten as so many writers tend to do.”
Craig Rix, Publisher and Editor, Travel Africa Magazine

“Lynn always finds the magic in every place and makes me want to go there immediately, whether it’s deepest Africa or darkest Peru."

Sarah Cartledge, Managing Editor, Inspire Publishing

“I’ve worked with Lynn for many years and she has always provided great copy delivered on deadline.”
Amanda Statham, Travel Editor, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health

Public Relations Professionals

“I have worked with Lynn many times over the years, sending her on adventures across the North America. Her passion for her home shines through in her articles, her story angles are unique, and she is always a joy to work with.”
Jo Thomas

Click Travel Marketing & PR

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