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In this story I meet the first women to overwinter alone in Svalbard. This project 'Hearts in the Ice' is all about researching climate change+collecting data on one of the harshest environments on Earth. An

extraordinary account of scientists living through the polar night, ultimately to protect this unique frozen land.

Border Song

OUT There Magazine

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My article is out now in this popular LGBTQ+ magazine.   

Influenced by Mexican culture, San Diego, on its 250 Year Anniversary, is thriving and enjoying its unique history.


Tangier is on the cutting edge between Africa and Continental Europe and teeters on the boundary between these cultures with aplomb.  Come enjoy shopping, French patisseries and more.

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Some of the wellness trends in Los Angeles might seem to go overboard. But if you fancy an IV drip of vitamins or a gym session on your face,  when next in L.A., these are the places to find them.

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Sunday People

wild foal outer banks.jpg

The wild horses of North Carolina's Outer Banks are descendants of the Spanish Colonialist's horses. In the 16th century, they would have swam ashore, escaping ship wrecks these waters are notorious for.

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Re-enactors at the English Village Plimo

A key difference with this 400-year observance will be the emphasis on catastrophic truths. Only half of the Saints and Strangers (Protestant Separatists and secular colonists) survived that first winter. Arriving late in the season and constructing only basic shelters, many died from exposure, exhaustion, or disease.

Six Experiences You Mustn't Miss in Svalbard


Svalbard is a unique archipelago lying between Norway and the North Pole. It is famous for its glistening glaciers, vast wilderness and wildlife that includes the King of the Arctic, the polar bear.

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Travel Africa

Timkat celebrant.jpg

Timket, also known as Epiphany, is a hugely important celebration in Ethiopia and particularly in its capital city of Addis Ababa. 

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Cross at Lalibela.jpg

Lalibela, Ethiopia is famous for its Timket celebrations which take place in January every year.

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Beyond Disneyland and other superficial theme parks in Orange County you will find Spanish history, glorious beaches and unique spaces, that is, if you know where to look. Follow my trail to the authentic Orange County.

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Two Women. One Dog. An Incredible Arctic Adventure.

Breathe Magazine.

Hilde and Sunniva.jpg

A unique and compelling story about Hilde and Sunniva battling the elements in the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard all to research and collect data on climate change.  Their work is groundbreaking and has never been attempted before.

Meet the 'Hero Rats' Sniffing Out Landmines in Cambodia

The Independent

African Giant Rats.jpg

The Hero Rats of Cambodia help to sniff out landmines, a leftover remnant of thirty years of war.

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Machias Seal Island: Why the U.S. and Canada are fighting tooth and nail over a tiny bird sanctuary in the Bay of Fundy. 

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Breeching Whale-New Brunswick.jpg

New Brunswick is an outdoor lover's paradise. The huge tidal forces of Funcy Bay have had an incredible impact on the landscape of this place and the lives of local citizens.

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