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4th Rum and Beer Festival – Grenada

So it was an early start to get out to the Calabash Hotel to meet up with the Scuba Tech folk and get kitted out for snorkelling.  OK.  I hardly ever get to go swimming these days let alone go out swimming in the sea.  Motoring out from the Calabash Hotel we first manoeuver over to St George’s seafront to pick up other passengers.  Our three other passengers are scuba divers that have disembarked the Celebrity Eclipse to come and join our merry band.  We are soon passing some truly wild and beautiful coastline with jungle coming right down to the shores. It really is breath-taking.

Jungle down to the beach in Grenada

I wasn’t terribly successful with the snorkelling.  There was a swell from the storm the night before and the water is churned up and murky.  An inspired artist named Jason Taylor has created a unique underwater sculpture park to view but I don’t really spot it.  We do see the place where the new Sandals resort is being built…opening next month but doesn’t look anywhere near ready.

Bringing up a sea urchin for us to gawp at

One of our guides brings up an enormous sea urchin to see.  It is magnificent.  And I thoroughly enjoyed being out in the ocean and getting a different view of Grenada’s coast.

That evening is the 4th annual Rum and Beer Festival.  It turns out that Barbados is having a CARIBBEAN Food and Wine Festival at the same time.  Has the Barbados festival usurped this Grenada event?  Virtually none of the beer suppliers in the Caribbean have turned up which has several people quite disappointed.  But the rum exhibits are quite good and I particularly liked trying out the local chocolate.  I really wanted to go to the village of Guave for Fish Friday but was told that wasn’t an option by the tourist board due to it being one hour’s drive away.  As that would cut into my time at the Beer and Rum Festival, I accept that argument.  And there is a whole hog being roasted here in the venue parking lot, that might well compensate.

Hog Roast

Unfortunately, the tourist board thinks it is a better idea to take me away from the proceedings, drive me up to town for a take-away at the quite crowded Creole Shack (takes a considerable amount of time getting four of us served ) then bring food back to be eaten at the festival venue.  Baffled.

African drumming at the 4th annual Beer and Rum Festival

Georgious Rex Old Grenada. King George III made sure his favourite rum was shipped directly to him so crates were marked – G.R.O.G.

I was joined in all this by the winners of the Caribbean wide Radio competition prize, Charissa, and her mother, Patricia who are both from Trinidad and being sponsored for the weekend of festivities.  We get on very well.

Interestingly, my guide and driver, who seemed a bit dour at the beginning of the trip, now has turned on the charm?  Could it be because he has taken a fancy to the young, attractive competition winner?  Surely, not!  Actually, it might just be the rum and the carnival atmosphere.

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