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Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona

Grand they are indeed. The landscape is overwhelming, too, with the famous Bell Rock of Sedona quite literally at the end of the street we are staying on. We travelled through blizzard conditions across half the state of Arizona before arriving. Completely unexpected in April, though at these high altitudes…anything can happen!

Hozoni Avenue, where the Adobe Grand Villas are based, is a name that must be North American Indian in origin and there is an amazing Kachina shop full of Indian pottery and Kachina dolls right across the street. I am so taken with the Navajo Kachinas, which are considered to be only cheap souvenirs’ (I would not agree with that assessment) I buy one for my brother who lives in California.

The set-up is more like a condominium complex and, though we found the entrance quickly, it took us a few moments to figure out which was the door to the lobby. Everything, including the pavement and the gravel on the parking lot is the famous red rock. The lobby door is enormous and actually incorporates a water feature – in the door!

Our villa is enormous with very high ceilings and there are strategically placed nooks with large ornaments or floral decorations. There is a kitchenette and a loaf of freshly made bread waiting for us to scarf on. The mini-bar snacks, water and juices are all included in the price and you can have your breakfast delivered to your room and served on a small but adequate dining room table. If the weather is warm, then you can have your breakfast outside on the patio table. If you elect to have the gourmet breakfast, served in the dining room next to the lobby, you will be offered a delicious smoothie. But be aware. If they say they are making eggs over easy, they will be barely cooked.

The colours of the furniture are very dark, a Spanish Colonial style that I find a bit oppressive. The gardens are quite stunning with loads of pansies during the spring. There is an unheated swimming pool but also a Jacuzzi.

The staff here are just wonderful. Extremely friendly and they will do anything and everything they can to assist you.

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