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First Day of Sailing in Weymouth

Go go go!!!!! Watching Iain Percy and Andrew (Bart) Simpson, Team GB sailors and defending Olympic champions, race in one of the opening heats of the Star class in Weymouth Bay was bloody sensational! OK, maybe it was on a big screen. But that big screen was on a beautiful golden sand beach in bright sunshine while London was being drenched. To see these competitors battling it out with Brazil, strong contenders for the gold, was so much more exciting than I could have imagined. They only just missed first place, literally by inches in a photo finish. It would have been fantastic to watch Ben Ainslie have his great start in the Finn class, too. In fact that would have been icing on the cake but there were other things to do, see and learn about. Visit England ( and Visit Dorset ( organised an international media visit to Portland and Weymouth. I found out that Weymouth and Portland are only 2 1/2 hours from London by train. With such wonderful weather and olympic sports to watch, I am going to encourage friends to go. And while there, I will tell them to take part in a fossil hunt on this UNESCO Jurassic coast that has 185 million years of history in 95 miles. It is certainly worth visiting the old portland stone quarry where you can see scuptures by artists in a place that has been taken over by nature again. But maybe the best thing to do is sign up for a sailing class at the National Academy? Who knows, maybe you could be an Olympic sailor one day!

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