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Floridade and Azamara Journey

OK, I will simply have to put up pictures of Azamara Journey’s buffet on Facebook. It is amazing and would have something to appeal to everyone. Ate in the Aqualina on Sunday night and it was superb. Though the seafood platter was tasty, kudos go to the chef for the Orange Parfait dessert which was out of this world! Nice ambience on board. Finally heard some people letting out belly laughs last night and was heartened. Before that, it just seemed a bit too quiet! Floriade on Sunday was excellent. Perhaps a bit commercially driven but, hey, isn’t horticulture in Holland big business? One has to take that into consideration. The Dome provided a 360 degree film experience that described just that…the importance of flowers to this country’s economy. 5 Belgian ladies in my cable car did say that the Kreukenhoff (spelling?) had far more flowers, as indeed, does the Chelsea Flower Show. I loved the medieval fair that they organised. People were walking around in full medieval regalia with donkeys and horses, there were blacksmith demonstrations and far more. The World Pavillion/Area was well done but, again, it could have had more floral displays. But the outstanding exhibit was, surprisingly, about food. It was put together by the University of Tokyo and showed the Japanese perspective on food. This went right down to the five taste senses: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. Umami refers to protein in a pure form such as mother’s milk. Fascinating stuff!

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