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Kemah, Texas

Gulf Coast and all that Jazz KEMAH, Texas

One of the first things you notice about Kemah is that doors are not only unlocked but even left open. With only 2000 residents, it is as safe as anywhere I have ever been. The second important thing I notice, along with the sweltering heat, is a massive cockroach lying belly up in a toilet. But that must come with the territory when you are in a sub-tropical climate near so much water. My first glimpse of the bay, as I pass over the Kemah Bridge and just the other side of the marina, takes my breath away. Having travelled through miles of flat, wide open country, it is wonderful to get to the water’s edge and know I am not far from the Gulf of Mexico. I am staying at the wonderful Clipper House Inn which is just a few minutes’ walk from the Kemah Boardwalk, the Texas version of Coney Island. The Inn is a B & B and is a little colony of older quaint boxy cottages surrounding ponds with water fountains and beautiful gardens. There is even a winery at the back of the premises with a fantastic restaurant, called Tabellas, that has just opened. I have dinner there with the local CVB rep, Rebeccah, enjoying a shrimp dish that is to die for. Bring on the Shrimp Gumbo Cook Off tomorrow! Yippee! Places I plan to visit while here: • Aquarium Restaurant, with a cylindrical aquarium on three floors (Can you imagine?) on the Boardwalk • Nasa Space Centre (just 4 miles away) • Keels and Wheels at the local yacht club, which happens once a year and highlights vintage cars and boats • Crawfish and Cops which is a fundraiser at the community centre just around the corner.

See y’all later!

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